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Blesok no. 95March-April, 2014

The Beautiful City

Translated from Macedonian by Elizabeta Bakovska

p. 1
Ilina Jakimovska

Decent Distance
The Beautiful City
Gjavato Études
The Most Important Game
Was That It?


Decent Distance

It’s taken from too close
you probably hold the camera yourself.

As always on photos like that
some parts of the face are bulged,
some properly excused:
the nose is like a tomato,
the eyes are like saucers,
the smile is stupid.

“It’s me
when there was nobody around”
“I’m testing the macro
of my new Canon”,
can be good captions.

It’s the same when I’m too close to you –
nothing is symmetrical,
nothing is right.

You’re unshaved or you’ve aged,
you didn’t sleep well or turned ugly?
Is that you or not?

“My warmth for her came back”,
says Kokorush in a short story,
“the admiration that you can only feel
for the person distant to you”.

Do we admire each other from a distance,
or are we just distant?

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