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Blesok no. 95March-April, 2014
Sound Reviews

Last Post, Tucson: Heart is a cactus garden

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Mehmed Begić

Dreams of Water

Waiting alone traced Tucson, AZ onto the map of my dreams as a place I would live a part of this humble life of mine. There is something in the water, it's not the Moon, though it looks like it could be. Water can not be tamed, it is a constant reminder of growing up on a curious land, between three rivers, near the tracks. Summers under the bridge, winters on the cloud of illusion.
    Where there are dreams, there are borders. I'm coming to find you. I'm coming because a big record with its eleven songs reminded me of your existence. How is it even possible for me to forget… Why are border dreams always more vivid?
    It's time for a new journey.

We Grew Up In Big Sand: The DeSoto Cactus

These days, the reigning European authority on all americana and surf music, recording company Glitterhouse, located in German town of Beverungen, released a new album by the DeSoto Cactus.
    I am not going to beat around the bush, I had no idea who they are until I came across this album. And is there anything better than the thrill of a brand new thing, no history or bias, lending yourself to it fully, only to be swept away before the first song is over. That is exactly what happened to me when I heard DeSoto Cactus' self titled album, humber three in band's discography.
    Surf guitars and a whole ocean replaced with endless sands - I heard them through a sleepy haze. There was no chance of falling asleep after that. They were too good for that even though sleep is one of the things I cherish. The detective in me could not let them be, could not relax and enjoy the hypnotic movement of landscapes and waves of those guitars and drums. Oh no!
    He had to scratch deeper and discover that the guys come from Denmark, port city of Aarhous to be exact.
    Good detective found out that the band is made up of:
    Anders Pedersen (singing & playing)
    Peter Dombernowsky (drumming, shaking, snapping & clapping)
    Nikolaj Heyman (singing, playing guitars and bass, keyboards and some)
    Thøger T. Lund (singing, playing upright bass, clarinet & piano)
    Henrik Poulsen (playing bass)
    And then I came across a detail that set everything in its place. They play with Howe Gelb! They are part of the Giant Giant Sand family, and they live between

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