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Blesok no. 96May-June, 2014

Novel of a New Narrative Youth

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Jasna Koteska

Petar Andonovski (born in Kumanovo, 1987) is a senior student at the Department of General and Comparative Literature, Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology – Skopje. He has published Mentalen Prostor (Mental Space) (2008) book of poems, his poems are present in the haiku poetry anthology Nov Haiku Bran (New Haiku Wave), (Struga Poetry Evenings, 2011) and he has published his poetry and short stories in Nashe Pismo, Razgledi etc.

Petar Andonovski’s script Oči so boja na chevli (Shoe-Colored Eyes) is structurally divided into two parts. The first part comprises fourteen and the second part has twelve short chapters whose length (from one half to two A4 pages) not only moulds the outstanding dynamics of the novel, but it also establishes the narrative drama which has not so far been seen in the newer Macedonian prose. Both parts of the novel are united under the introductory motto, a line by the Macedonian poet Aco Karamanov: Gledajte, moite ochi imaat blesok na vashite lakirani chevli (Look, my eyes reflect your lacquered shoes), and the novel’s ending is a short note about the motivation lying behind the creation of the novel, namely, the author’s endeavor to narratively interpret the Macedonian photographer Yanaki Manaki’s photograph Mrtva priroda so chevli I fotografija (Still Life with Shoes and a Photograph) (1916-19). All of this refers above all to the technical details of Petar Andonovski’s novel Shoe-Colored Eyes.
    Petar Andonovski’s novel Shoe-Colored Eyes  is so far the most complete debut work in my decades-long reading and reviewing newest Macedonian literature not only as a university professor of Macedonian literature, but also as a reader and lover of newest Macedonian literary production. Andonovski’s short prose work Shoe-colored eyes is a fascinating novel with simple, yet, strong dramatics, with incredibly precisely built characters, a novel without beginner’s clumsiness or expected mistake, a novel with ideologically strong message; with deep, expert psycho-analysis of the atmosphere of unrest, whose internally coherent narration is developed with minimal interventions, but with maximal effect; without visible effort, and, finally, it is the first debut novel so drastically standing out from everything that has emerged these last few years on our literary stage.
    The novel Shoe-Colored Eyes is divided into two parts. When it comes to the content, the first part narrates Emma’s story, a middle aged literature professor whose obsession are clean men shoes; she follows the shoe owners with no intention to approach them or

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