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Blesok no. 96May-June, 2014
Sound Reviews

Astatke the Noble and Foltin the Furious

Photo: Robert Atanasovski

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Toni Dimkov

The doctor of music, Mulatu Astatke and his band, as well as the unconventional music attraction, known as Foltin band, and their guests, brought back the times of the passionate concert experiences in Skopje.

We will immediately explain the thesis of the introduction to the review of the second evening of the 13th edition of Off-Fest, which took place in the Universal Hall. The cultural life of the capital has been experiencing quite a dynamics of events for some time now – concerts, festivals, exhibitions, performances. To be honest, there is enough audience for any cultural event. What is often missing is the passion to follow these events. The audience would simply show up at the event, applaud to have at least one encore (when it is a concert), and that is it. One can rarely experience an eruption of ovations that would not allow the performers to leave the stage.

The magic that happened at the performances of Foltin and Mulatu Astatke is the feeling that you don’t want them to leave the stage. The impressions are enhanced by the fact that the audience heterogeneous by age felt the same. Of course, not without a reason.

Foltin band has been into its mature phase for several years now. They paved their way with the first four albums: “Outre-Mer” (1997), “Archimedus” (2000), “Donkey Hot” (2003) and “Loo-lee-ta-too” (2005), breaking the forms, creating their Esperanto expressions, sailing on stormy Mediterranean poetry waters. With the next two albums, “This Transplanted Typewriter Has Never Typed a Love Letter Before” (2008) and “Antibody” (2012) they have discovered their spiritual depth, music perfection and stage fascination.

With their performance at the 13th Off-Fest they first did their best to play a fantastic concert, and secondly, they met the requirement of the organizer to have a Macedonian band at each edition. An additional motive is their min-tour, which started at the Slovenian festival “Druga godba” and  after Off-Fest will continue at the “Music Meeting” festival in the Netherlands.

Although they are considered to be an unconventional band, their approach to concert preparation is always serious. In this case, the participation of the guests Vasko Atanasovski (Slovenia) and Natalio Sued (The Netherlands) raised the concentration level. The percussionist Marjan Stanic (Slovenia) had already cooperated on Foltin’s albums and his presence had additionally enriched the sound image of their concert.

The increased woodwind section (Pece Nikolovski, Vasko Atanasovki, Natalio

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