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Blesok no. 97July-August, 2014
Sound Reviews

In the Name of Cohen

p. 1
Mehmed Begić

Wandering through the wastelands of internet I came across an excellent tribute album, young Canadian scene pays homage to the Bard. It opens up with Mark Berube addressing Cohen to wish another farewell, as if there could ever be enough of them, to Lhasa de Sela.
    Enough for me to take a journey down the road of snow and tears. It’s not the end of December, I haven’t seen snow in over three years, yet I still feel like a line out of that winter song.

The Sweetest Sister of Mercy: Lhasa de Sela

    It was on the first of January that Lhasa left. She struggled for a long time with cancer, recorded an album while fighting the disease. Her tour went on, there was nothing pointing to how things will end. There was a widely circulated rumor that her upcoming album would be made up of songs written by Victor Jara. I was overjoyed, a heroine singing words of a hero. If it only came true. It was the first of January, 2010 when she died. She was 37 years old, just as I am now, as I write this. I’m trying to recall the first time I heard her, or if she sang in French, English or Spanish. The words fail me, I cannot remember. But I do know what I remember her by, what heart longs to hear first… That perfect farewell number, that polished crossing of the rope, from one coast to the other, from life to death, from everything to nothing, from what cannot be endured to the brand new beginning, that farewell duet preformed with Stuart from Tindersticks, that leaving feeling… That Leaving Feeling – that is the song, that is my Lhasa. What climax is realized when she sings: so go and pet your kids and kiss your dog goodbye…” Or maybe it’s the damned trumpets that do it. So go ahead, and try not to cry.

It Musta Been a Double: Tim Gibbons

    If he were ever to hear Shylingo, I’m sure our Bard would, true to his style, use his own poetry to conclude: “…this must be my double…”.
, a Tim Gibbons‘ album which good old friend Feđa brought to Mostar from Paris, delighted all of us, heroes of tightly rolled joints, children of morning to come, Cohen’s children. Marko and I were convinced for

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