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Blesok no. 99November-December, 2014
Sound Reviews

Bill Callahan


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Meša Begić



I never mastered tight rolling, these days I am back to learning, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by those who did it perfectly. A that time, the greenish substance was almost home produced, and would hit all the right spots, making us feel good atop ruined buildings where we dreamed of the road and traveling. Half the formula is knowing how far to go. Mix it with some suffering and laughter ( ) , add bands like Smog, Arab Strap, Cat Power… and dEUS, who was at the time the best band in the world, but as s a wise man said: As soon as they release 'The Best Of,' you can be sure to write them off.


In the early nineties 'Drag City' was an important institution with a well tuned ear – they pulled together artists such as ‘Pavement’ and ‘Silver Jews’. They also released various incarnations of Will Oldham's Palace. Band 'Smog" started out in the same home environment, one man, one machine, him against the world, fearless and ready to dream.
    A man who chooses Stallone's Rocky over Scorsese's Taxi Driver is my kind of man, and our explanations of that choice are pretty similar: the story of an ordinary man fighting his way to the top, and a young actor trying to make a great movie is much more appealing then the story of Jesus.
    This is the Callahan we relate to. I talk about him and see us, in a circle, atop a ruin which used to be a beautiful villa. There is a oddly green river below. Magical plant binds us. It is nineteen ninety eight. I see an office and blurry visions of the future of music and literature we are destined to change. I am sitting on a mattress stretched on the floor, there are records all around us, turntable is out of commission, skies are above, we trade visions and free ourselves of women by putting them in poems we will write.
    Diamond Dancer:


Callahan loves boxing. When asked what he would do if he were not a musician, without much thinking he answered: I think I would be a boxing journalist, traveling different places and writing for a newspaper. His first book is a novel written if form of letters of

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