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Blesok no. 99November-December, 2014

Their conversations

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Frosina Stojkovska



     Darling, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing lately, I’ve completely lost my mind. You have no idea how much easier I would have it if you weren’t in that stupid Germany with those Nazis. What are you doing there anyway, would you please come back already, please! It’s not the same writing an e-mail, it’s pointless talk. I mean, yes, it will be a relief to tell you everything, I agree, mostly because I can arrange my crazed thoughts, it would be therapeutic, but still, imagine how great it would be at our place with coffee and a pack or two or three of smokes, hehehe.
    A while ago I felt an astonishing attraction to a woman!!! My God Kiks…It feels weird even writing about this…the girl is the girlfriend of Ivan’s best friend. The guy is a hundred percent closet gay, but nevermind. I actually promised myself this would be only my secret, but I have such a big mouth…I somehow thought there’s something very beautiful in keeping at least one thing that happened in my life mine, only for me. But it’s bigger than me, what can I do? I have to share it.
     One of the problems with feeling attracted to her was that she felt the same way and some time ago we went to a hotel together to figure out what was going on and what we wanted. We never got out of bed…I felt like a kid in a candy store…I don’t know if it was the fact that it was forbidden or that it was the first time I felt that way for a woman, but something had made it the best night in my life. We agreed that no one should ever know…
     Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t even dream of breaking up with Ivan, I love him more than anything. I did fall in love, yes, you know me, no one falls for people more easily…But my love for her was different than my love for Ivan. Different than any love. I had two parallel loves. Not only because they happened at the same time, but also because just like two parallel lines, they don’t share a single common point in the entire universe.
     I know you must be thinking come on man, big deal, so what if it’s a woman, but it’s not like that…This whole

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