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Blesok no. 100September, 2015

I Couldn’t Find Your Grave

p. 1
Jovica Ivanovski

I Couldn’t Find Your Grave


I Couldn’t Find Your Grave

    I couldn’t find your grave
    in the marble forest.
    After the funeral I looked for signs
    to get by when I
    come for a chat,
    but I remembered nothing.
    Fifteen minutes from one grave to another
    my shoes heavy with mud,
    my head with names and faces,
    unknown even when they were alive.
    I was lost in the labyrinth where
    we’ll all get lost one day
    (or maybe find our place there).
    When I came to visit you two years ago
    in your new flat, you waited
    on the balcony and threw me the key.
    Now there’s nothing, dead silence
    on the lifeless street.
    I left feeling guilty
    leaving the candles and the flowers
    at an unknown grave.
    I’ll come in the spring,
    on a nice sunny day,
    with a bottle of Jamison and two
    packs of cigarettes,
    and I’ll sit till they close.
    Or maybe the graveyards
    work around the clock,
    24 hours per day?

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