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Blesok no. 100September, 2015

DJ Blues at the Shelter for Abused Women

p. 1
Ronny Someck

DJ Blues at the Shelter for Abused Women


DJ Blues at the Shelter for Abused Women

I want to be a DJ
    at the shelter for abused women,
    sing songs to net swordfish
    from the eye's bottom, drown sharks of pain
    and fill the heart’s aquarium
    with goldfish.
    But the ears of abused women are
    pits full of curses,
    they are frightened of every scratch on word's lips,
    of a knife sharp as a tongue,
    of the throat’s vacuum lined with silk-alike.
    “Women, women,” I whisper to myself,
    “I’m scribbled like a page torn out of your biography
    and you are lines in the blues I’ll compose
    in the alphabet of periods when you are nothing more
    than flesh chucked out from hell's butcher shops.”
    TR:Shirly Someck

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