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Blesok no. 100September, 2015

Igor – Dedicated and Tireless Translator

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Kalina Maleska


Igor – Dedicated and Tireless Translator

In several conversations I have had with people who knew Igor Isakovski well, what they emphasized about him most frequently was that Igor “translates tirelessly”. They all used this word – “tirelessly”. Indeed, if one looks at the Blesok editions, it becomes immediately obvious how tirelessly Igor was translating – from the ex-Yugoslav languages (Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and their variants), as well as from English, thus giving to the Macedonian readers the opportunity to become familiar with truly exceptional poetry. Since it is impossible to cover the large oeuvre of Igor’s translations, I have selected only few poems by three poets through which I will try to show the characteristics of Igor as a translator. The poets in question are: Josip Osti, Olja Savičević Ivančević and Jack Galmitz.
     When a person has the opportunity to choose poems for a magazine, and gives himself the task to translate them, then the first and most important thing is the selection, since translation follows selection. And Igor selected exceptional poetry and dedicated many days to the translation of a single poem in order to find the best solutions. The poems “Knjige – angeli, kućna božanstva” (“Books – angels, house gods”), “Pjesma je bila, i ostala, tvoj jedini dom, Marina Cvetajeva” (“The poem was and always will be your only home, Marina Tsvetaeva”), “Iste smo pjesme, nekoć, čitali” (“We used to read the same poems”) or “Jesam li ostao bez jezika” (“Have I been left without a language?”)  by Josip Osti, published on the pages of Blesok are a case to the point. Thus, regarding the selection of the poetry, it is not necessary to know biographical data or read critical essays about Osti in order to notice immediately the specificity and the power of his poetry. Osti’s love for books and his skill to transfer that love are conspicuous from the very first verses, and Igor has noticed that and transferred that into Macedonian.

Книги – ангели, домашни божества – преполн со вас
    ми беше сараевскиот стан. Преполни полици – олтар
    пред кој, толку пати, стоев понизен.
    Прашувајќи се по која ќе посегнам. Чија тајна ќе се обидам
    да ја одгатнам. Во која ќе оставам траги од читањето.

In comparing the original at the very beginning of the poem, a characteristics that interweaves the whole translation oeuvre of Igor becomes visible – careful consideration of the context. Thus, first, in some cases, the

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