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Blesok no. 101-102November-December, 2015


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Ana Martinoska



(On the book: “From the Room to Hollywood (The image of the woman artist in the biographical movie)” (Zojder, 2014) by Vesna Damčevska)
    Translated from Macedonian by Aleksandra Lazoroska
    As a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, every story begins with a single sentence. Being aware of the rule that every good book begins with an excellent opening sentence, Vesna Damčevska begins hers book “From the Room to Hollywood” with a thought-provoking question, by many regarded as insoluble: What do modern women want?  
    It reminded me of a legend of king Arthur, who was caught hunting in the neighbouring kingdom, so in order to avoid being killed, he had to give an answer to the most difficult question: what do women actually want? He tried to get the answer from the princesses, the queen, the prostitutes, the nuns, the sages and even from the jester, but it was fruitless. His last hope was the old witch, who asked to marry the noblest knight from the Round Table – Sir Gawain – in return for her answer. The witch was humpy, ugly, having only one tooth, a terribly odorous body and was emitting unusual shrieks; but Gawain had decided to sacrifice himself for his friend and for the kingdom. On the wedding day the old witch said: “Every woman would like to be an owner of her life” and everybody realised instantly that she was right. Arthur was saved. But, then came the first wedding night when Gawain was expecting his bride in bed, and marvellously, he welcomed a gorgeous young woman. She told him that half the time she would be a witch and half the time a beauty, and it was he to decide which appearance he preferred for the daytime and which for the night time. Tough choice, you will admit. Should he choose to have a beautiful girl who would make him proud in front of the others during the daytime, and to have an ugly old woman in the intimacy of the bed, or vice versa? What would be your choice?
    Wisely, Gawain left the decision up to her. The act takes our story to the expected happy end. He allowed her to be the owner of her life, and as a reward she decided to stay eternally young and beautiful. If you are still wondering what the point

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