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Blesok no. 101-102November-December, 2015

The Devil Would Know

p. 1
Korana Serdarević


The Devil Would Know

Traslation from Croatian by Elizabeta Bakovska

    The squeaking of parrots is interrupted only by a full throat. And their disobedience? Cutting the top of their beak with small scissors. When I grabbed Chicky in rage and I lamed his parrot snout, he was offended for days. He would not even look at me. But he ate well. Imagine: I wanted to give him a kiss, I wanted him to open his mouth and to give me the usual knock on my teeth with his beak, but he pinched the soft cartilage between my nostrils with all of his force. How come such genuine rage rose inside me and how come the scissors were so close, the devil would know.
    I got Chicky from my ex-girlfriend several months ago; the tissue above his beak was still pink from his young age. Tanja, my ex, stood by the cage every day and chirped; she protruded her lips and produced some sounds that were supposed to explain to him that he was welcome and that we loved him. She also taught him some words, but he never said any. Yellow like a chick, he stared in her lips, he twisted his head and walked left and right along his bar. Then we found out that Chicky was actually a female and therefore not good in chatting. I repeated how funny and ironic that was, and Tanja immediately started to look for a groom and think of options for a nest. This matter was suddenly interrupted because we, due to our incapacity to hatch our own babies, decided to give up living as a couple. The fact that Chicky remained with me was pure coincidence. Actually, I think that Tanja, when she was leaving the apartment dragging those two heavy suitcases, completely forgot that she was supposed to take the bird.
    “Take care”, she said before the door slammed behind her. I heard the wheels of the suitcase banging down the stairs. It was late in the afternoon, people returned from work and hugged their wives and children, and I sat alone on the couch in front of the TV. Chicky hysterically turned his head behind my back.
    I was madly in love with Tanja, it is no secret. For her I would host a pile of dirty rats, not to mention a parrot.
    We met in high school. Short exchange of

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