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Blesok no. 106March-April, 2016

The Role of My Family in World Revolution

p. 1
Bora Ćosić


The Role of My Family in World Revolution

    My mother sewed a little bag. On the bag she embroidered the letters “For newspapers”. She also embroidered daddy, sitting on the toilet seat with his trousers down, reading. Daddy looked alive on the little bag, except that, far from truth, he was presented bold, most probably out of revenge. In the bag, they put newspapers, cut with the big kitchen knife. Grandpa was the one who was cutting the newspapers, only those that daddy had already read. I wrote all of this in my homework “Our life in the loo and in general”. Mommy said: “What kind of a pigsty school is that taking out everything in the open, awful!” I responded: “As if anybody asks me!”
    Mommy climbed on the window with a towel in her hand. She would hang here above the three floor high hole and she cleaned the glass. At home they screamed, grandpa wanted to hold her feet, one of the aunties fainted. Daddy asked her: “Do you have to hang while you wash them!” Mommy said: “I have to!” Mommy cooked tomatoes in a big laundry pot, and they boiled. Mommy stood on the small chair and she mixed them from there with a long lapel, from the distance. Uncle said: “What if she falls in the pot!” The tomatoes splashed on all sides, they soiled the wall and burned our fingers. Mommy explained: “What can I do!” Life was full of danger.
    Mommy brought a chicken which made a lot of noise and left feathers all around the house. For a while, I pulled the chicken on a short rope and then mommy got it by its wings and cut off its head in the toilet seat. Mommy flushed, the headless chicken shook in a corner and bled all over mommy’s slippers. This was awful, but fun. Mommy ordered: “Let’s hang the curtains!” The curtains were washed and still wet, grandpa and uncle got them by the edges and pulled them as much as they could. Mommy warned: “They ain’t worth anything if you tear them!” Grandpa rebelled: “As if we’re on a ship!” Mommy responded: “It would’ve better if I’d finished the work myself, although I have no man’s hand!” Mommy rolled pie dough, the dough was long, it stretched across the chairs, the air rubbed against it, you could hear the sounds

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