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Blesok no. 106March-April, 2016
Sound Reviews

PJ Harvey

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Mehmed Begić


Black Hair of Love

    Polly Jean Harvey is my blues, my winter in the middle of the summer, and the spring in that same summer. Polly Jean transforms herself as she wishes, always under the skin, on the lips, under the tongue. I would rather only list her songs and their versions, and then disappear mute in the darkness. Whatever I say will not be enough.  
    I am not sorry that some memories are blurred. Only songs remain from some memories. Provocative dresses and body movements. There are often helicopters flying low above the city in which I live. Sometimes I think that I could hit them with a rock. But my fingers only touch the ground and caress it. And I remember the song. PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke.  
    Which is bigger, to write 'The Mess We're In' or to inspire Cave for 'Boatman's Call'? as always, depends from which angle we decide to look upon matters, because there is lot of pain at stake. I know! The biggest thing is 'Oh My Lover' and the fatal surrender to what we consider to be love. In the end, love is just as we think it is.
    Oh my lover (Peel)

Mary Magdalene

    Polly Jean Harvey very easily connects rock-and-roll and physical aspect into something fully inseparable, something that has its roots in the blues which she used to love as a kid, and it never left her. And one can see it, hear it, feel it. Everything intertwines in her moves into a combination worthy of a halo.    
    It was long ago when a French woman revealed to me the films directed by Hal Hartley. The first one that I watched was 'Simple Men'. Six years and four films later, Hal made 'The Book of Life'. It was the end of the 1990es, quite a convenient time about the end of the world. PJ Harvey is Mary Magdalene, while Jesus is played by Hartley’s favorite actor, Martin Donovan. I loved him from 'Simple Men'. Otherwise, Martin had a great directing debut several years ago with his film 'Collaborator'. Unfortunately, without Polly Jean.  
    'The Book of Life' was made as one of the films for the cycle celebrating the entrance to the new millennium. Jesus and Mary Magdalene arrive to modern day New York to make it even with Earth and once again resolve the issue of

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