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Blesok no. 107May 2016
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View from the Window

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Valentino Dimitrovski


View from the Window

    Robert Jankuloski’s artistic expression can freely be described by the syntagm and metaphor “a different view”. This title, taken from the long term project of the Macedonian Centre for Photography indicates an action in the impoverished field of “artistic authenticity” today, filled with the multiplicative usage of the photographic medium, suitable for creating various narrative. Within this positioning of the artistic work here, Jankuloski has permanently persisted in his projects on taking the position of “a different view”, insisting on moving and decentering the structures that shape the recognition of the reality, but also the photographic image. Starting from the established visual narratives he nests on their periphery and “parasites” in the pleasure of the different viewpoint.
    It has been long concluded that the conceptual matrix of his projects comes down to two basic modes of artistic expression. The first one is the distanced indication of the segments of the current social reality in the manner of concluding “engagement” (within this dimension one can see his projects 1998 “See You See Me” and 2001 “12 Silver Soldiers”). The second mode is viewed in using small narrative expressions in an atmosphere of intimate staging of subjectivity, most impressively present in a number of his projects: 2000 “Let Us Preserve the Memories”, 2009 “Movement”, 2010 “NATURA MORTA” together with Monika Moteska and others. With this conception mode in his work, Jankuloski has always staged the position of a small (minimal) empty space from which the expression of the narration unwinds. This “empty space” is paradoxical and “parasite” although it is the basic “narrator” that enables the course of various stories: in “Let Us Preserve the Memories” it is the photographic prop – the chair, in “Movement” it is the invisible in the enlarged photographic and film shot, while in the current project “View from the Window” it is the invisible window from which the narrative segments of the view are open. It is the static point that works like the psychoanalytic “sewing stitch” which profiles a diverse staging of the view with the one-dimensional view.  
    “View from the Window View” project was implemented in 2012 in Paris, and it is inspired by the photograph with the same title made by one of the founders of photography and photographic medium, the French photographer Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. It is the first registered photograph made as a view through a

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