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Blesok no. 110October-November, 2016


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Ron Koertge

Artemis and Acteon
Reading at the Christian Academy
Death’s Dog
“Please Provide a Brief Biographical Sketch”
A Surprise Visit
Salt from the Market


Artemis and Acteon

    I read my students the story. How Acteon the hunter was deep in the forest and stumbled on Artemis bathing and she was so angry she changed him into a stag and his own dogs tore him apart. We discussed the myth in a more or less scholarly manner: What is modesty today? Has the thrill of the hunt been reduced to shopping for bargains? As we did, I passed around postcard-sized prints of the encounter. One from Galloche, one from Balducci, another from Titan. There was Artemis, beautiful and damp, her hair in strategic places or nude. As the discussion lapsed and we simply stared, a cloud passed over the sun. From outside the classroom, the dogs on the quad all dropped their Frisbees and, looking up at the window of my classroom, howled menacingly.

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