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Blesok no. 110October-November, 2016


p. 2
Ron Koertge

Artemis and Acteon
Reading at the Christian Academy
Death’s Dog
“Please Provide a Brief Biographical Sketch”
A Surprise Visit
Salt from the Market


Reading at the Christian Academy

     I arrived and was ushered into a smallish room.
    “There’s been a mistake, I’m afraid. The librarian
    who got in touch with you is no longer with us.
    “We can pay you, though, if you would consent
    to tutor for a few hours and control yourself.”
    So I talked to a dozen students about the fragment
    and the comma splice. They talked about
    my bracelets and the visible tattoo.
    They asked me why I was like I was.
    I said I didn’t know. They promised to pray
    for me. I said, “Thanks.”
    That night in the motel there were two
    Gideon Bibles. I lay in the narrow bed,
    called my wife and read from the Song
    of Solomon:
    Your lips distill
nectar, my bride; honey
    and milk are
under your tongue; the scent
    of your
garments is like the scent of Lebanon.
    “Come home,” she said. “I smell good
    and I’m barely wearing any garments at all.”

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