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Blesok no. 112March-April, 2017
Gallery Reviews

Goran Ristovski

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Nebojša Vilić


Description of the works

    The current situation, both on local and global levels, abounds with aggression, wars, loss of moral norms, disorder of politics and religion, as well as stagnation and decadence in many spheres of the social and public life … Macedonia for example, in the last few years has been diagnosed with terminal illness, a period of uncertainty and questionable everyday life. Territory ruled most destruction of value systems, overstating religious values and national identity while defacement them immorality and condition every day we are faced with destruction and distortion of the process towards creating a better quality future.
    The cycle of these works tries to question, provoked by the actual situation and the paradoxical today, economic, existential, political contexts and defining / redefining the relationship of the artist to society and his position as a subject capable of criticizing and reacting to problems with self-awareness.
    The works are combinations readymade object, paintings, drawings and interventions on various base, conceived with a simple minimal intervention on canvas, table-cloth, paper.

Review from Nebojsa Vilic, an extract of Status # 100 – 38/62: From us for us, locally (2)

… Ristovski again, this time decided to connect two parts in one large organization and in two-tone denying colouring the world in general (Fig. 8). "It’s all doom and gloom …" is a play on words based on Schiller recommendation "free game" in which intertwine the proverb "Our future is hardly" (such as logos) and, if desired, "Vezilkata" Blaze Koneski (as poiezis), and while it is of course, that things as "embroider" in our reality and social standing is beyond the reach of our act of "embroidery" on our own life and destiny, because they are "embroider" by someone (such as policy or as a field of conflict all three elements). Coating / revocation of the white "table cloth" (as the exponent of the locality or the domestication) with a diagonal line in black (as denying act of simultaneous denial and revocation) seeks to reject as unacceptable such "embroidery" by someone else, which Ristovski enters the area of the agonist (Fig. 9). Both canvases are (n) left indicate the current state of mind as a sufficient reason for starting that agon.

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