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Blesok no. 112March-April, 2017

The Gluttenburg Mannequin

p. 1
Zvezdan Georgievski


The Gluttenburg Mannequin

    from A Week in the Life and Death of Grozdan
    Translated to English: Rumena Bužarovska
    It’s strange
, thinks Grozdan while standing in front of the department store window in … Göteborg, no, Grüttenburg, Gratenstrassenah, whatever. And he doesn’t find it strange that he doesn’t know which city he’s in, even which country. He has long ago learned not to pile up information in his memory that doesn’t interest him. He also doesn’t find it strange that Buba, as she was seeing him off, had said something similar: “It’s strange…” but he didn’t manage to hear the whole sentence. The nervousness before trips and the dullness of goodbyes. And he really can’t tell why he agreed to take part in this investigative journalism conference. Actually he can; ever since he hasn’t had a steady job, he has been accepting everything offered to him, even though he has never been a fan of this ultimate journalistic dogma – investigative journalism. Something always reeked of police set-ups and smear campaigns. He has always believed that the profession can and should serve the public interest in some other way. It should…
    And so we see Grozdan on the square in – oh, never mind where… standing befuddled in front of the local department store window. Looking at his own reflection in the shop window, he notices that he is more hunchbacked than he thought he was and that his beard is whiter since the last time he saw himself in the mirror. His face is also pale. Almost white. But he puts this down to the tedious journey and the even more tedious translator and host, who for some reason thinks that Grozdan is really dying to know about the state of journalism in his country. Even the beer with an unpronounceable name he had in a nearby café was bland, so he swapped it with some kind of schnapps, which was inhumanely warm.
    His pale face, soon to turn yellow, is now reflected on the flat surface of the naked body of the mannequin which is just being placed in the shop window by two employees in blue uniforms. They are carefully placing her feet apart and setting her arms as if she’s sowing in a field. Grozdan finds this strange because the mannequin is naked and basically doesn’t present anything.
    The blue uniforms disappear inside the store. They are alone:

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