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Blesok no. 116October-November, 2014
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Conversation with Petar Mazev 1989/90

Translated by Filip Korženski

p. 1
Sonja Abadžieva


Conversation with Petar Mazev 1989/90

On the occation of the Jubilee Exhibition "Petar Mazev - 90 Years Since Birth",National Gallery of Macedonia, November 2017

SAD: When and how did you become interested in painting?

PM: It must have been when I was nine, when I started drawing independently with coal from live models on the pavement. Later I also drew on paper, but, in Kavadarci, my home town, there was nobody to teach me, to give me any instructions. When I finished elementary school in Kavadarci I was enrolled in the Secondary Art School in Skopje. My teachers were the painters Nikola Martinoski and Lazar Ličenoski.

SAD: Did both of them have an equal influence on you?

PM: I was one of the best students because I gave myself wholly to painting. I think both of them had a good opinion of me, but Ličenoski had a greater influence on me with his human warmth. He was excited by my results and stimulated me a lot. It was then and there that I realized that art was something which others liked, too.

SAD: There is a line of development in Macedonian painting which begins with Martinoski and, through you, leads to a group of young contemporary painters. What were your contacts with Martinoski, since, in a sense, I consider you his follower. In a morphological sense, you continue his expressionism. Your painting is less a continuation of Ličenoski's, but more of Martinoski's. Like Martinoski, you are, too, a painter of passion.

PM: Yes, but I feel matter just like Ličenoski.

SAD: Energy in the matter of Martinoski's painting depicts the inner personality in a more impressive way.

PM: Ličenoski radiated more as a teacher, he came to me in a warm, humane way, and had time to talk to me. Martinoski was a greater authority but was rather reserved. Yet both respected talent, and, being real artists, supported it.

SAD: Martinoski was something like a cult personality. Young artists gathered around him, as well as other people.

PM: He was like a queen bee. In any case, Ličenoski aroused my interest in matter, and Martinoski in drawing.

SAD: Since I cannot get an affirmative answer from you about the closer artistic link between Martinoski and yourself, allow me to conclude that you subconsciously admired him, transferring this to the canvas. And you liked Ličenoski more as a teacher. But let us go back to your education.

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