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Blesok no. 117December, 2017


Translated by Manja Maksimovič

p. 1
Aleš Mustar

Middle Age
A Morning in Split
Barcelona Song
Prague Poem
Bratislava Poem
Tomaj Poem


Middle Age

Never again smuggling jeans and bubble gum
nor the feeling of joy at seeing New Year’s adorn the grey city.
milk in plastic bags
black and white cartoons,
calls in public phone booths,
greetings in doctor’s waiting rooms.
No more parties on the shore with guitar and syrupy songs
city bus tokens
queues in front of kiosks selling French fries,
corner stores.
No more friendly barkeepers
who let you run a tab,
no more giro accounts
and excuses that the bank is closed.
Only heaps of plastic
and the world like a darkened
smart phone screen.

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