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Blesok no. 117December, 2017
Sound Reviews


Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

p. 1
Mehmed Begić


Trumpet Autumn

„… I have $2,000 in Nevada City Bank of America - use it to cover my affairs and debts….“

The park in the middle of the city reminds me of a forest. I hear a trumpet. I follow the sound. Somebody tries to play a tune and he is not very successful. In the middle of the city park – wonderful. I try to find the player. It is not as easy as it seems. This time I am really surrounded by trees.

I am thrilled by the thought that somebody has chosen the park instead of a hall or his room as a practice place. He continues to make mistakes, and I continue to enjoy. The mistakes are sometimes our best moves. Otherwise we would not reach the right places. I am telling you this directly, being streetwise, hard like jazz, like Whalen's poetry in the eyes of Lew Welch.

In the middle of the park there is an entrance to a cave, and above the entrance I finally find the source of the sound. He stands as if unaware of what surrounds him. His trumpet is in his hands and his mouth is slightly twisted. He smiled when he saw me. I watched him that long. It becomes suspicious that everybody smiles at me. Maybe I should stop wearing these multi-coloured shirts and go back to black. Or accept kindness as a virtue that I will believe in as I once did.

Traneing In by John Coltrane from 'Traneing In'

The Freedom of the Empty Bottle

“…I don't owe Allen G. anything yet nor my Mother. I went Southwest. Goodbye. Lew Welch.”

Yesterday I got lost on the streets of Santo Domingo. Some things have not changed: I still can not properly read maps, and the phone applications for navigation are proudly refused by my phone. The phones remain nice gadgets that I will never learn to use.

I rely on the kindness of foreigners. I greet them and I am greeted. My face is too serious and I try to change it. I imagine the city as a mountain, the skyscrapers forests, so I have to turn my back to the sea to find the real side of the mountain. I think of Welch's last day. The sea draws me to it and spoils my plans.

From time to time you have to forget

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