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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 16 | volume III | August-September, 2000



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Blesok no. 16August-September, 2000
Sound Reviews

Skopje Blues Earthquake

p. 1
Vasja Ivanovski

    In these, hot as hell days, some people from Skopje were lucky to refresh themselves with cold beer and some great music during the traditional Blues & Soul Festival in Kurshumli An between 4th-6th July. Fourth edition of the festival has proven the fact that the quality of music has been increasing year after year to the joy of numerous fans of blues and soul sounds.
    Really, this year we have witnessed the quality transparency of blues and soul idiom that found its way to the hearts of dedicated fans. One could get a feeling of something interactive between performers and the audience – together they have managed to create an atmosphere to remember! All compliments to the Directorate for Culture and Arts – Skopje, who made it happen within the ranks of Skopje Summer, a long time established series of cultural events, to organise a feast for lovers of this kind of music, a first class musical happening. Artists which have performed gave their best, inspired by fans' response and the ancient site of Kurshumli An, for three days they have spread the gospel of the blues, each of them with their own approach and style, creating universal music deeply heartfelt with creativity and inspiration.

    First night we could check an exciting symbiosis of youth with classic of the blues through performances of

Nick Dounoussis and his “Backbone” from Greece and the legend of Chicago blues Phil Guy. Blues fans had a rare opportunity to watch a new rising star, Nick Dounoussis whose performance left no doubts – this guy will go places! He simply gave few lessons to all other guitar wannabees in the audience with a blistering set of his own material and classic covers. Nick plays with soul and impeccable technic, combining Texas blues through Freddie King and Stevie Ray Vaughan with elementary parameters founded by people like Jimi hendrix and others. We had a feeling that Skopje is only a station on Nick's way to stardom that is awaiting him. After such performance, Phil Guy's gig was an icing on the cake! Buddy's younger brother, whose sound still evokes that archaic Chicago blues of the 50's, took us all to the past and reminded us on people he used to play with: Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker and others. Fans could feel the times when this music was strickly connected

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