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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 17 | volume III | October-November, 2000



                     Peer-reviewed journal
Blesok no. 17October-November, 2000

Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”

Translated by: John Irons

p. 2
Bart FM Droog

Twentieth Century Fox
Not the End
Petrol, Petrol
Johnny O, My Darling


Not the End

    Park cars in Hell Street
    lo and behold: traffic at a hellish pace

I switch on the interior lighting
turn over the cassette one more time
“just remember death is not the end
not the end, not the end…”

I rub my eyes, sleep is
not the lot of chauffeurs
it’s really driving with the devil
with Morpheus staring right next to you

the landscape’s unfamiliar to me
although the route’s clearly indicated
on the map and the signs:
refusing’s just not on, today

all the borders that I pass by
a wave, a nod, a greeting
– my number plate’s worth its weight in gold! -
smuggler’s delight, with a blind eye
for the bastards in uniform

no, I’m not defending the weak
propelled by a hundred horse
I drive past injustice
only stopping for a cancer fix.

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