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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 20 | volume IV | April-May, 2001



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Blesok no. 20April-May, 2001

Personal Gifts

Translated by: Zoran Ančevski

p. 2
Nataša Bunteska

Personal Gifts
White Widows
Collected Unconscious
The Celestial Reader
We Have the Right to Be Crazy…


White Widows

Their white shoulders
that move like tamed beasts
like bright and lonely islands
stuck in the primeval mud of indifference
their voice foreseeing the Flood
their voice is the first sound
that preceded all music
their prayers are ready for eternal voyages
their prayers are not for human ears
their open windows
promise nothing
their hips bloat
in their selfishness
their landscapes of voluntary oneness
their landscapes of mild irritation
their landscapes of haughty devotion
their landscapes
are not for man’s conquests

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