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Blesok no. 20April-May, 2001

The Unbearable Eassines of Narrating

(Richard Gaughran, Zoran Ančevski: Change of the System: Stories of Contemporary Macedonia, Skopje, "MAGOR", 2000)

p. 1
Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska

“How easy the stories can be made” A. Prokopiev, “Two women”



    The anthology of Macedonian contemporary short stories, named as Change of the System, recently published by the MAGOR Publishing Co. from Skopje, is the result of teamwork by the academic professors Richard Gaughran and Zoran Ančevski, and stands as a viewpoint on the Macedonian literature and culture in the world, because – primarily – aims the wider English-language readers. The novelty is, in this case, the publishing – not in Macedonian – but in English, one of the most spread languages in the world. The fact that this anthology is published in English in our country emphasizes the significance of this project, and strongly points at the noble mission of the literature to step beyond the divisions among the nations and cultures. “There is no literature that declined or substituted another, but in a cyclic and reciprocate game that exists thousands of years, all literatures mutually do translate each other in efforts to get closer one to another, just like those passengers that have no intention to conquer or rule or govern, to change or indoctrinate, but to comprehend the world and the other people…” – as the well-known Italian contemporary comparativist Armando Gnisci said once. His words are very illustrative, concerning the role and the function of the translation as creativity and creation, or more likely – as meta-creation of the literature deed in a new linguistic and literature context. In this case, this (above mentioned) thoughts, in a very good way, point on the integration of the Macedonian short story into the European and the world tradition of the narrative – as a genre.
Change of the System isn’t the first anthology of Macedonian stories in English, but it is a first anthology of the Macedonian stories in English – since the Independence of Republic of Macedonia. Worldwide is common to publish this kind of anthologies on decade-bases; here, is a real rarity, but this book – judging by the carefully presented selection –and proves that the narrative story practice in Macedonia is increasing and that even in a small literature like ours, can show significant richness in its production. This is, of course, a fact to commend but also a fact that obligates in the millenium that follows.
    In the realization of this project, besides the editors and the publisher, the whole team of experts is included: above

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