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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 20 | volume IV | April-May, 2001



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Blesok no. 20April-May, 2001
Theatre Play

Proud Flesh

Translated by: Patricia Marsh Stefanovska

p. 1
Goran Stefanovski


* * *

This play is dedicated to my father, Mirko


DIMITRIJA ANDREJEVIC, 55, an invalid, former house builder
    MARIJA ANDREJEVIC, 50, his wife
    ANDREJA, 22, their son, shop assistant in a grocery
    STEVO, 26, their second son, who works in the offices of an automobile agency
    SIMON, 30, their eldest son, a waiter
    VERA, 25, his wife
    HERZOG, 55, Jewish, head of the automobile agency
    SARAH, 23, his daughter
    HERMANN KLAUS, 45, the German visitor
    SIVIC, 35, consultant in the automobile agency
    ACO, 23, a friend of Andreja's, a lorry driver
    MIMI, a prostitute

Guests at the reception, workmen, customers in the station buffet.

    The action takes place in Skopje, just before the Second World War

“PROUD FLESH” Premier: Drama heater Skopje, Macedonia, February 5, 1980, director Slobodan Unkovski First Published: Goran Stefanovski, Sobrani drami, “Misla”, Skopje, 1987. First English edition: Goran Stefanovski, PROUD FLESH, Sterijino Pozorje, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1981 Foreign language translations: English, Serbo-Croatian Foreign productions: Kamerni Theater 55, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1980, director Gojko Bjelac National Theater of Mostar, Bosnia, 1980, director Ahmet Obradovic National Theater of Pirot, Yugoslavia, 1985, director Branislav Micunovic Tricycle Theater Killburn, London, England, 1993

Scene 1

(The main room in the Andrejevic's house with three other rooms and a kitchen leading off it. DIMITRIJA is sitting in a wheelchair, reading the newspaper. MARIJA is sitting on the bed, staring into space. Silence. Pause.)

    DIMITRIJA: There's going to be a war. (pause) There's a war on the way. (pause)
    MARIJA: We've had enough of this so-called peace, anyway.
    DIMITRIJA: What're you doing? Staring into space again? Do something.
    MARIJA: Like what?
    DIMITRIJA: Make something for tonight. We've got people coming.
    MARIJA: It's all ready.
    DIMITRIJA: Make the lunch, then.
    MARIJA: It's all ready.
    DIMITRIJA: Then let's eat.
    MARIJA: Stop shouting at me! (pause) It's our saint's day tomorrow. (Pause. Enter VERA, carrying an empty washing basket.)
    VERA: It's going to rain. Waste of time hanging the sheets out.
    MARIJA: Everything's a waste of time. (pause)I had a dream I was cut in half. And there was a big worm where my backbone was supposed to be. And the worm had been cut in half, too, and it was writhing around. And then someone came and pulled it out. And it was agony, like having a tooth out.
    VERA: You're always having dreams like that.
    MARIJA: They just come.
    DIMITRIJA: Are we ever going to eat in this house?
    VERA: The others aren't back yet.
    DIMITRIJA: They needn't bother to come back, as far as I'm concerned.
    VERA: Let's wait a bit longer.

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