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Blesok no. 08April-May, 1999
Sound Reviews

Interview with Bernard Allison

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Vasja Ivanovski

– Was it your father, musician, that turned you on to the blues and at what age did you start?
    Yes. At 10 years.

– Who were your first blues influences?
    Albert, Freddie King.

– Your time spent in Europe marked more rock influenced records and European musicians in your band. Was that a natural thing for you or just a phase in your career?
    (It was) Easier then bringing USA musicians.

– Now in States you seem to be “back to the roots” again?
    I haven't changed.

– Do you have many recordings with your father?
    Five or six.

– Your voice is similar to Luther's. Do you try to emulate him or it is natural?

– Do you have any other brothers or sisters and are they also trying to make a career in music?
    Five sisters, three brothers. They all can sing. (Not professional).

– I suppose that you have inherited Luther's guitars. Do you plan to use some of them for touring/recording in the future?
    I'm touring with A. Fen.

– What is your basic stage equipment at the moment?
    Stevens Preamp. (Mesa Boogie).

– Who are your favourite blues players these days, favourite records?
    Lucky Peterson.

– What do you think is the future of the blues, how it will grow and develop?
    To use the roots and combine with other influences.

– Would you like to play in Macedonia in the future?
    Sure, I'll play anywhere.

– What is your message to blues lovers all over the world?
    Give the music a listen (chance). The next generation of players – all have different approaches.

Questions were answered in one of the dressing rooms while Bernard Allison was touring in January '99.

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