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Blesok no. 22August-September, 2001
Sound Reviews

Denny Freeman - Gray Eminence of the Texas Blues

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Vasja Ivanovski

Denny Freeman

1. Starting with usual question, when did you start playing guitar?

I was 14 years old, in Dallas, Texas.

2. Was your interest in music due to some family tradition or just

No family tradition. In 1955, I was eleven years old, and that's about the time rock and roll and r & b started making it's way to the radio airwaves, and about the time I started going to little parties, where we'd spin records and dance with the girls. So, just as I was becoming an adolescent, Little Richard and others appeared on the scene, and it blew my little mind. Eventually, my friend and I started going to teen dances, where we heard our first live music, and when I heard the guitar in a little room like that, I freaked out, and was determined to learn how to do it.

    3. When you started playing, was guitar your first instrument or you've tried also other instruments?

When I was about eight years old, I took some piano lessons for a short time, but we didn't have a piano, and it was before I heard any rock and roll, so I didn't take it very far.

4. How did you get involved into music,was it radio or other?

I think I answered that.

Denny Freeman

5. Who were your earliest influences in music?

One good thing about being in Dallas at the time, was that I got an exposure to Blues. It was just a short jump from rock and roll, and I took to it easily. So, in addition to Chuck Berry, I tried to learn from the Blues that I was hearing on records. The stuff I heard was Bo Diddley, Muddy, Jimmy Reed, B.B., T Bone, plus the stuff on Excello records. And others, of course.

6. Which guitar players were you favorite then and now?

My favorites now are the same as then, but eventually I added the jazz guys to my list of idols. Kenny Burrell, Wes, Barney Kessell, Charlie Christian, Herb Ellis, all that group.

7. Tell me more about your first bands!

My first band was called “The Corals”. I was fifteen. We played school dances mostly. I played in that band for about 3 years. At first, it was a lot of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Santo and Johnny, Bo Diddley, stuff like that. The second year, we got a piano player that also played harmonica, and we started playing more blues.

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