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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 24 | volume V | January-February, 2002



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Blesok no. 24January-February, 2002

Birds of the Sky

p. 1
Vasile Andru

20. Rain, cold, tenacity

    I haven't met Tofana for a few weeks. I suddenly met her on Wednesday evening near the Enei church; she was just coming out.
    It is cold and drizzling and Tofana is frozen. Tiny and huddled up, a bird of the sky soaked all over.
    She is shivering and shrinks her shoulders under an old coat.
    She tells me that everything has come to a standstill but, with God's help, she will soon leave this place. How soon? She doesn't know, but with God's help, she hopes to leave next month. Where?  
    She doesn't know yet, but with God's help, she hopes it will be Austria, Israel or Belgium.
    She says that she goes to the Coral Temple, to the big synagogue every Friday evening. So that the Jews there can notice her, and adopt her. She breaks open the gates of the temple, besieges the Mosaic religion; she has started to learn Hebrew and Yiddish; she always has a manual on her.
    She has taken no decision about the Adventists. But she still goes to their meetings, regularly; they have a very good opinion about her piety and devotion.
    Faith, calculations, agonic weighing of situations – all at the same time. I saw she was capable of dedicating herself to one religion today and to another one next day, constantly serving the same God Who impersonates all the religions. I also saw how enslaved she was by her obsession of leaving the country, of getting visa AT ANY COST, feverishly grabbing any helping hand, rushing to any gleam of light that could facilitate her emigration.
    Her candour and obstinacy might be confusing. Even if she went to the Temple to negotiate a visa, she forgot her goal when she was inside the temple and lived the rhythms of the loftiness; she was seized by amazement, the songs and words she could not understand touched her and she came to a state similar to a trance. Only in the end, when she was out, in the street again, she remembered she was chasing a benefit.
    She was incapable of hypocrisy and yet, she was unconsciously a hypocrite. She was not able to deceive God as God was for her the same everywhere: in the church, in the temple, in the prayer house of the Adventists and only a cultural fear made her sometimes wonder whether she had, nevertheless cheated anyone. Cheating God was out of

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