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Blesok no. 25March-April, 2002
Gallery Reviews

David Lynch: The Master of Film Mystery

p. 1
Jane Altiparmakov

    “David Lynch is the renaissance men of the modern American film, acknowledged and widely known as a scenarist and director, as well as a TV producer, a photographer, caricaturist, compositor and graphic artist”. With this sentence, the biography text on Lynch starts – at the encyclopedia sight AMG, as the most adequate way to introduce the author’s portrait of – maybe one the most significant contemporary film authors – David Lynch. The man, who managed with his films to build so specific art-worlds, the worlds that attract and repel, spook and provoke and inspire at the same time, and that penetrate into the sub-conscience of the recipient in such an interesting ways…
    “Eagle Scout Missoula Montanae” – are the words with which Lynch describes himself in the 1990 press releases. His biography would be something like this:

    He’s born as David Keith Lynch on 20th of January 1946, in Missoula, Montana, USA. His early youth passes in places Idaho, Washington, North Carolina. In 1961, together with his family he moves from the Pacific Northwest into Alexandria, Virginia. In 1965, together with his friend Jack Fysk, Lynch leaves for Europe, with a notion to study at the well-known expressionistic painter Oscar Kokoshka. They visit Paris and Athens, but only after 15 days they return to America. On the very beginning of 1966 he moves to Philadelphia and enrolls at the P(ennsylvania) A(cademy) of F(ine) A(rts). Lynch gets his diploma in ‘67, and the next two years in his biography are marked with joint & single exhibitions in Philadelphia’s art-galleries.

    His works were exhibited at few more places: at the joint exhibition at the International Art Fair in Washington, 1979, a single exhibition at the James Corcoran Gallery in Los Angeles and at the so called “Californian Exhibition” at the “Roger La Pelle” Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1987, a single exhibition at the “Leo Castelli” Gallery in New York 1989, at the Contemporary Art Museum „Touku“ in Tokyo ‘91, joint exhibition of photo-materials at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, together with Denis Hopper, John Waters and Tim Burton in ‘97.

Beside painting and photography art, Lynch did work on furniture design, and together with his permanent co-worker, the composer Angelo Badalamenti, produced and wrote the verses for the albums of Julie Cruse “Floating in the Night” and “The Voice of Love”, and he’s also a co-producer of her version of “Summer Kisses, Winter

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