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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 26 | volume V | May-June, 2002



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Blesok no. 26May-June, 2002
Sound Reviews

The missing link

Kismet - Dreaming (Avalon Production, 2002)

p. 1
Ljupčo Jolevski


     This is the album that all who knew and respected the heroism of the cult band Mizar, were waiting for. For almost a whole decade. The album Dreaming is, definitely, the missing link for the closure of their circle. Gorazd Čapovski, the only one from the original band that remained to “fight with the demons” for all this time: to overcome and to overbuild the historicity of Mizar, now, with every right can feel as a big winner. Namely, this “cyber-ethno-gothic” (the definition of the critics) North Atlantic Balkan Express (which, by the way, is the fruit of the author’s torn-up position between the two different life contexts: Australia and Macedonia, between the everyday’s habits and the longing for the motherland) and the made “Mizar tribute” album (with significance only for the respect towards the cult that the new generation of Macedonian bands showed on Mizar), here signs a material that isn’t only most-like to the sound and the poetics of Mizar, but is also its contemporary upgrade, in some way. And, that isn’t some kind of ballast for him and his band, but a catapult that launches the band into the reality at the beginning of this century. That’s why the “sorrow” for the charismatic vocal of Goran Tanevski, now is replaced with the joy that behind of the songs there are so great music personalities as: Vanja Lazarova (the new version of the traditional Slaga se sl'nce zadade is the most beautiful example how much energy a folklore elegy theme can have, if you approach to it with the sentiment of the generation who doesn’t please to  “conserve” its own sound heritage); then, Goran Trajkovski from Anastasia (he’s also the bassist and the back vocal and one of the revelations of Mizar, (with the song Spring \Izvor\, he shows that he still doesn’t revealed to us all of his vocal beam-light);

Biljana Volčeska (Kismet)

Rubin Kantardžioski (the leader of the band Don’t!Who?One can only be mistaken for the closest to Goran Tanevski, because his singing isn’t a copying at all – it’s an interpretation that characterizes the depths of the human voice and nothing else; and finally – Biljana Volčeska, the true discovery girl that, as a vocalist will show her final word in the time that comes very soon (best proof for this is the highly emotional performance of the band Indeksi cover-version classics I Dream \Sanjam\, the title theme

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