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Blesok no. 26May-June, 2002
Sound Reviews

An Obligation to Keep the Blues Alive

Interview with Bruce Iglauer

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Vasja Ivanovski

Bruce Iglauer

    VI: When you look back now, after 30 years of work, what is the feeling of what you've done and what you've achieved?

I'm very proud of what Alligator has done to increase the visibility of blues and to bring some very good artists to greater public attention. I always believed that the potential size of the blues audience was much greater than other labels thought (especially 30 years ago) and I always have wante dto reach new fans. So seeing Alligator become the biggest blues label also has meant seeing the blues audience grow overall. This is a great feeling.
     As a producer, I'm very proud of the albums that I've been involved with artistically. That means more than half the Alligator catalog, including recordings by Son Seals, Hound Dog Taylor, Fenton Robinson, Koko Taylor, Albert Collins, Lonnie Brooks, Johnny Winter, Roy Buchanan, Lonnie Mack, Lil' Ed, Little Charlie, CJ Chenier, Katie Webster, Kenny Neal, and many, many more. I hope I've been able to push these artists to find new parts of their talent of which they were unaware, to create more, and to communicate better.
    For me, blues is much more than a form of musical entertainment. It is a healing music, a music that soothes the soul. I hope that some of the records I've helped bring to the public have soothed souls.

    VI: Did you expect to achieve such success and what was your idea when you released your first album by Hound Dog Taylor?

I had NO vision for how large Alligator would grow when I recorded Hound Dog back in 1971. My dream was to sell enough of his records to record another artist. Later, when I had five artists and was acting as label, manager, agent, song publisher, publicist, radio promo man and shipping clerk, I dreamed of having one employee. Later I dreamed of moving the label out of my apartment. Now I have 17 employees, 200 albums, two small buildings, and 30 years. And still my dream is to make another record, and another and another.

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