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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 26 | volume V | May-June, 2002



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Blesok no. 26May-June, 2002

A Dream

from "Chronicle and dreams about Alexandra Magnum"

p. 1
Vladimir Šopov

“Where from, traveller?”
     “From Nowere, sir.”
     “And where is that, man?”
     “Macedonia, sir.”
     “Such thing has never existed,
    does not exist, and will ever exist, man!” “I know, sir. Haven't I told you that
    I come from Nowhere.”
    Macedonia, son, has been plough by two black oxes.

     Crowds of people, like a rivers, flowing in Dion those day. People from every corner of Macedonia flooded the Macedonian's sacred town. Old men, women, children, losers, idle and dwarfs, bright and less bright, vagrants, blind, cripple, poor and rich, dressed up and ragged people. In one word everyone in Macedonia who was able to walk and crawl, in those days of April 334, set off to the town under Olympus, where our king has organised the farewell celebration. They rushed on horses, on mules, donkeys, but most of them on foot. A lot of them were fall behind, killed by the exhorstion, waddling along the road like drunk. They got lost turned on east or west. Some of them even came back from there they started the journey, not aware of that. Others, had even fallen into the ditches, along the road, into the meadows and woods, slept there a day or two, strengthen a little bit, and arrived in Dion, when everything was over.
     Those who were on time, several thousands, during the day walked around the town, along its wide and endless avenues according which Dion was well known. During the night, when the celebrations will be silenced, thousands of people arrived from High and Neither Macedonia, they spread around the woody slides of Olympus and along the sandy coast of the White sea, where everyone found some shelter under a cliff or bush, or dig a hole in the sand, just to spend the night in dream, dream which repaired the strength for the coming celebrations. The April nights embraced the Dion's guests in its tame. Every one of those nine days of celebrations, the weather was sunny and warm. Luckily, the year was not rainy. There was no rain, not then not even three weeks later, when Alexander jumped on Bucefal and leaded the 35.000 Macedonian soldiers. Somewhere near Helespont it started raining, very much welcomed heavy spring rain.
    But, now let us go back to Dion, where our king Alexander has organised farewell celebrations. I have never seen anything like that! Once I was at the Olympic games in Athens, during

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