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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 29 | volume V | November-December, 2002



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Blesok no. 29November-December, 2002
Sound Reviews


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Ljupčo Jolevski

    In the days before and during the last weekend, two events took place, whose subject is the subculture, make it rock ‘n’ roll, of the new generations, coming from this piece of the Balkans. The events Underground Sound Festival and Loser Fest ’02 ended almost at the same time. The recently established Underground… (Supported by the same enthusiasts who move the Rock Fest forward for years) happened in the only rock club that Skopje has– Lady Blue, and there is a possibility for it to move to Stip in December. The other one is the already popular Loser Fest ’02 (under the umbrella of the strong Taksirat and a background that promoters like the Lithium Records can provide) that happened one week before the start of its big brother, and took place in the Youth Cultural Center, the only larger space in the city that opens the doors for the “filthy music form”.
    Thirty bands were playing on the two festivals and there were 4.000 people in the audience, which is not a small number, especially if one knows that in the club in the center of the city there are always a large number of visitors, and on the other hand, the YCC, the rock ‘n’ roll “wasteland” wasn’t visited in such a large number (about 1500 sold tickets) in two years. In those two years, some people “experimented” with the space, the same who thought that YCC shouldn’t be visited by “the crowd who may disgrace the image of the institution”. All in all, if we keep in mind that the public was informed about the events through several simple posters placed in downtown Skopje, and almost nothing else, this course of events may be a surprise for some people. We will exclude the numerous minutes dedicated on the festivals on the local radio stations– although it is surprising that the Channel 103, whose sphere of interest should be precisely the underground Skopje scene, didn’t cover the events in any way.
    Of course, nobody that has some common sense, especially nobody from the subcultural (i.e. underground) environment doesn’t expect the interest of the electronic media in the country, but it is surprising that even the more distinguished, like Arhangel, Kismet, T.B. Traceri forgot about it. These means that they have lost the feel for one specific, creative engagement of the generations, who perceive the things from a different angle and

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