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Blesok no. 29November-December, 2002
Sound Reviews

Interview with Coco Montoya

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Vasja Ivanovski

– Do you recall your musical beginnings and how did it all happen?

My musical beginnings go back to my childhood when I was very young, I had two older sisters and an older brother, who listen to rock 'n' roll, doo-wop and music of the day and early, early rock 'n' roll. My mother and father who were into everything from big band jazz, to Latin and Mexican singers. Pretty much that started it all off and having all the T.V. shows we had when we were kids, all the teen show and so on really got me off to a start and early on I knew music is where I wanted to be.
    – Suppose some of your fans are not aware of the fact that you started out as a drummer?

Well its been known quite a bit that I started out as a drummer. I figured a lot of people that are fans know about that fact. I started out as a drummer in my early years, guitar was a secondary instrument but I ended up playing drums for Albert Collins. As most people have known was in the end of 1972. I played with him for 4 years. After that is when the transition came and I switched over to guitar which we will talk about later I imagine.
    – Do you remember your first band and when was that?

Do I remember my first band? Wow. Its hard to remember times and dates. I was in my early teens when I was in my first band and we were really terrible all playing out of two amplifiers at most and we had more than most bands had. I would say back when I was about 14 or 15 years old. The name of the band was L.A. Smog, as we were just a bunch of kids trying to learn how to play all at the same time and we were all awful!
    – Who were your earliest influences in music?

My early influences in music were Johnny Otis and the Beatles obviously and the music of the day. But mostly early rock 'n' roll and doo-wop because that’s what I heard in the house a lot as my two older sisters and brother would be listing to. My Mom and Dad also influenced me because I did gravitate towards the grooves and things like big bands like Artie Shaw people

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