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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 32 | volume VI | May-June, 2003



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Blesok no. 32May-June, 2003
Sound Reviews

Recommended albums

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Vasja Ivanovski


Jody Williams – Return Of A Legend

Evidence ECD 26120-2

The title of this album is quite rightly justified as it concerns a legendary blues guitar player who, after a number of years of inactivity, returned on the scene confirming his status of Chicago blues master. Guitar sound of Jody Williams has been wonderfully woven into classic fifties’ records by Howlin’ Wolf, Billy Boy Arnold and Bo Diddley while today his style is considered influential among people like Peter Green and Carlos Santana among others! Return Of A Legend features distinguished guests like Billy Boy Arnold and young guitar players who learned their trade by checking out Jody’s library of licks: Sean Costello, Rusty Zinn and Tinsley Ellis. This album features 13 incredible blues gems wont leave you indifferent just like those who awarded this album in category “Best Comeback Album Of The Year” on this year’s edition of “W.C.Handy Awards 2003” in Memphis. Required listening!


Little Hatch – Rock With Me Baby

Acoustic Sounds APO 2012

Eightyone year old Provine Hatch better known as Little Hatch presents his second album for “Acoustic Sounds”, small and independent company known world over for its audiophile recordings. Rock With Me Baby is one of the best albums released last year with top reviews from blues experts and fans alike. Made in the manner of distinguished blues eloquence, Little Hatch’s voice and harmonica transcends the listener to the roots of the genre, to the times when emotions transformed into music spoke stronger than words. With help of acoustic guitar by Jimmy D. Lane, son of the legendary Jimmy Rogers and slide guitar of Ron Edwards,

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