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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 32 | volume VI | May-June, 2003



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Blesok no. 32May-June, 2003
Sound Reviews

The Card Tower Will Endure through the Time

- an interview with Nikša Bratoš, a producer -

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Ljupčo Jolevski

According to the musicians who where, at least once, behind his studio’s microphones – Niksha Bratosh “rules”. He is the one of the most significant producers on the Balkans and a man known as one who guarantees (at least) the half of any discography project’s success. The list of the music albums he has put his finger in is too long to be presented here; his name as a musician is also noted and affirmed (he excellently plays guitars, keyboards, violins and clarinets). But he’s mainly and most highly thought as a producer. That role he had even when he participated also as a member of the music bands Valentino and Crvena Jabuka (Red Apple), and afterwards he collaborated with Zheljko Bebek, Ibrica Jusic, etc. As a peak of his professional career as a producer is his last music project with the greatest Croatian pop-star Giboni, titled as Mirakul (Miracle).
    In the last days of April, Bratosh stayed in Skopje at his old friend and co-worker, our great music-master, the guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski. Almost ten days they worked on The Card Tower, the album which edition was announced by Avalon Production – to be published at the end of this month. The following interview is made in one of the short brakes those two musicians allowed themselves to make. And, at the very beginning of this interview, Niksha would note:
    – I must accent that I’m only the co-producer of this album. Namely, the production had several phases, and we work at the last one now. Although the first phase (the choice of the materials, collaborators, as well as the general studio work, was done by Vlatko alone. I’m at the opinion that, after many years, this is his first album that inclines toward the pop-music. I also think that this is the right moment and the right path for Stefanovski. I do believe that he first must to gather the audience around him, and then he could “preach and interpret” to them. And I’m sure that this album will definitely have the power to gather people.
    *Can we draw a certain parallel, or to make some comparison between your last project with Giboni and this one, considering that Giboni and Stefanovski both, are the top-masters who has worked together many times, and you even produced many of their materials?

    – This project is really quite close to that of Giboni’s. Not only by

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