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Blesok no. 32May-June, 2003
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Young Visual Artist Annual Award

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Melentie Pandilovski

     The Contemporary Art Center – Skopje for 2002/2003, in collaboration with the Civil Society Foundation in New York, is establishing an annual award for best young artist in the Republic of Macedonia under 35.
     The model of the award is alike already existing Jindrich Chalupecky Award in Czech Republic and Oskar Cepan Award in Slovakia, both awards that gained significant recognition in respective countries.
     The Board for the Award: Sonja Abadzieva (Art Historian, Senior Custodian in the MoCA – Skopje), Jovan Šumkovski (Artist, Professor of Painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Skopje), Ibrahim Bedi (Artist, Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Skopje), Emil Aleksiev (Art Historian, Director of the MoCA in Skopje), Melentie Pandilovski (Director of the CAC – Skopje), decided to name the award as DENES, after the renown artistic group from the sixties.

     The Contemporary Art Center is responsible for the preparation and organization of all domestic activities, whereas the Foundation for Civil Society is responsible for the residency in the USA.
     This project is based on lack of such opportunities for artists in Macedonia, the non-existence of such kind of awards, the professional interest by the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Faculty for Fine Arts in Skopje, as well as the need to expose contemporary Macedonian art to a wider audience in Macedonia and abroad.

     We believe that the initiating of this award will create a competitive structure around the award and strengthen discussions among institutions and young artists. We wish to emphasize that the award will achieve its purpose by exposing young creativity to a widened circle of public, the offering of new opportunities to participating artists; and by including a number of various fine art institutions and professionals in an annual and impartial process of reflection and decision making. The award should result in introduction of new models of operation in cultural and institutional life.

     The award is to be annual. The process of awarding it consists of several phases:

     –   Selection of awarded artists
     – Group exhibition of the 4 artists in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje
     –   Residency in USA for the First awarded
     –   Residency in Europe for the second, third and fourth awarded
     –   Exhibition of the winner after the arrival from the residency in the USA

     The method of the selection was divided in two phases:

     –   Nominations of artists,

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