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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 33 | volume VI | July-August, 2003



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Blesok no. 33July-August, 2003

Slabing of Yellowness

Translated by: Lidija Dimova

p. 2
Lindita Ahmeti

What You Said to Me
Graphic Art on the Window Glass
Deer in a Dream
Slabing of Yellowness
Your Eyes


Graphic Art on the Window Glass

the interior of my castle
is drawn on the window glass
                   from the cold
in the midst of winter night
the embroidery
threads of frosty silver
                   with white reflection
now when a handful of morning light
has to fall on my windows
one can see only numerous buds
                   of symbols and
dadaistic leafless fruits
                   with no pulp
a little beggar covered in snow
                   on the bridge
wearing a frozen starry wreath
                   on the head
sticking out a thin hand
                   for mercy
the rattle of frozen hair cannot be heard
                   in the air
nor can the black spot behind the boy
snow snow
yonder on the plain the word
                   spring is rolling
and the will of God.

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