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Blesok no. 33July-August, 2003
Sound Reviews

Steve Roach - The Shaman of contemporary electronic music

p. 1
Nenad Georgievski

Steve Roach is a unique figure in the contemporary ambient music. His albums consistently push the boundaries and theories about music itself by taking ambient music to places and locations that even Brian Eno himself never thought of. By recording on exotic locations in Australia and US he offers much more than music by allowing the ambient of these exotic places to come to expression. His last work is collaboration with Robert Fripp (King Crimson) titled as “Trance Spirits” and is topping the charts for instrumental music, which was one of the reasons for making an interview with this artist.

    When a person listens to your records one can notice that it can't be described by using the usual pop music vocabulary. I think that the most appropriate term would be sound sculpturing or an “ongoing process”. In the past due to the limited vocabulary it was described as New Age music. How would you describe the music you create?

SR: The willful intention in all my music is to create an opening which allows me to step out of everyday time and space into a place I feel we are born to experience directly. Many of our current social structures and material concerns shut down the opening or build a complex array of plumbing to run through it. In anycase, these soundworlds offer a place where the bondage of western time is removed and the direct experience of the feeling of an expanded state of awareness is encouraged. Of course the soundworlds I choose to create and live within are the ones my nervous system responds to, and people aren't necessarily going to respond to them in the same way but over the years its seems these many common points that we all share with in the human experience that my music reflects. I often refer to the words “visceral” and “being in the sound current” when describing my work.This is a prime area where I feel the measure of all my work… in the body, the vessel for spirit. So for me to create these sounds and rhythms and utilize my own body as the reflecting chamber is my direct way of living in the sound current that occurs naturally when the juices are flowing. From the feedback I receive this is something I know receptive listeners are feeling as well.

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