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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 34 | volume VI | September-October, 2003



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Blesok no. 34September-October, 2003
Sound Reviews


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Vasja Ivanovski

    Strange name for a great band! When you take a look on current music scene in Macedonia you know immediately that there’s nothing much to write home about, but these young guys are the real deal and deserve as much exposure as possible. They simply are that, much needed fresh air and probably the only music export possibility from this part of Europe as they have abilities, approach and ideas. All band members are in their early twenties while guitar player has just turned 18! Paramecium consists of Diran Tavitjan on keyboards,  his brother Garo on drums, Bobi Vasilevski on guitar and Dino Statrov on bass. Paramecium has additional member and that is Garabet Tavitjan, father of Diran and Garo, founder of the band and ex-member of Leb i Sol, legendary band  whose music is still cherished among music lovers in the whole Balkans region. After his time with Leb i Sol, this exceptional drummer has pursued his own musical vision within the ranks of Paramecium, which is, strangely enough, more appreciated abroad than in Macedonia. That, of course, has to do with the music industry in Macedonia at the moment. No distribution, poor production where mediocrity rules, too many wannabees and no substance, there are no possibilities for talented people including Paramecium to work out something. Anyway, that might be another issue to elaborate on, we better concentrate on talent we are talking about here.
    Music of Paramecium is a complex one and while roughly speaking, it is based on jazz and rock or fusion, whatever that means to you it is only tip of the iceberg. This is music which explores its boundaries, crossing borders of genres and incorporates Macedonian folk details for additional spice. It’s not world music that got so exploited and abused in recent years, but music that can touch your soul and move your feet at the same time. It’s incredible to know that these young players can make and play such music at this stage of their career, something that is usually associated with players much older and experienced. Youthful enthusiasm and talent are probably the reason that we have a band that can take a stand with anybody curently working in similar vein anywhere. Most of Paramecium material is written and arranged by keyboard player Diran whose influences include old masters Art Tatum, Hancock, Corea and recent people like Rubalcaba, Mays and Kinsey. He cites

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