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Blesok no. 04August-September, 1998

A Chemical Wedding

p. 1
Dimitrie Duracovski

Dear Dimitrie,

At last. You probably didn't expect me to write to you immediately after I left, but you can't have thought I'd keep quiet so long. Lots of unexpected things have happened, and each day they stopped me from writing. I had to wait a fortnight at the Kakovo monastery (near Jerisos), which is attached to Chilandari, before I could enter Mount Athos. When I got here, I waited for twenty-five whole days to be given a 'white card' which would let me stay at Athos for a year, to learn Greek. Whit that card I can move around freely, and go in and out without restriction. This card would also save me from getting one visa at the Greek consulate in Skopje and another from Ministry for Northern Greece in Thessaloniki, in order to go to Mount Athos. The most difficult part, getting an identity card from Epistasia, the Holy Community of Mount Athos, has ended in success, which is much more that I expected. Now my acceptance on Athos by the Epistasia should be confirmed and legalised by the police in the department for foreigners. Finally, after all these things I'm just sketching to you, I became a legal citizen of Mount Athos. So much for this first report, I have to go to morning service.


    Dear Stefan,

I'm glad you wrote to me. Let me tell you first that we think and talk about you every day. After you left, I got a glossy booklet about Mount Athos from a friend, whit beautiful photographs and maps. Some evenings, when I look through it, I imagine you there in various situations. I look at the maps, trace a route whit my finger, I follow something, some invisible threads, I see a monk painting an icon or some of them making the evening meal. I resume you're OK there. Here's some news. Lazar is in Paris, maybe he's written to you from there? We're planning an exhibition in the Gallery in August. There's been an interesting issue of the magazine Culture, I've bought a copy for you. I'm trying to write a long work, about how to get to the place we spend our lives looking for. Of course, everyone does it in different ways, there are few who find it. Maybe it's the search that matters.


    Dear Dimitrie,

I'm surrounded by beauty, peace and spiritual contemplation. The air of mysticism is intensified

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