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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 44 | volume VIII | September-October, 2005



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Blesok no. 44September-October, 2005

Virtual Park

p. 2
Boban Bogatinovski

The Friend
Virtual Park
Too Painful is that for me
The Line is Law
Hard Decision
Happy Day
The Girl from the Bilboard
Have you ever asked yourself why?!


Virtual Park

Let's go to our virtual park now
Fresh oxygen molecules under the big shadows
of the big trees
the air is crystal clear as after summer storm
we are alone there
without pensioners amortized from the time
addicts, maniacs,
lonely girls
with soap weekend novels in their hands
without the cop
of Sergej Glavjuk who is waiting
to charge for electricity and water supply

Love changes everything – just put the music louder
the sounds falling from the sky
screams of the migratory birds
children throw the ball hard in the air
and discover the gravitation secret

Hey, you are crazy
Yes, I am on the other side of the computer
actually there are a few computers here
everything is virtual
and multidimensional
and this conversation is virtual

Hi, how are you!? Glad to see you!
And I am also very glad!?

Sorry for asking you, where from I know you.
I really cannot remember.
I also have a feeling we have met before.

Entering a tunnel is like simulation of penetration
also riding a bike

come on a little psychodynamism

you always talked about tomorrow
and unfinished commitments
standing one's hair on end
my song loses sharpness describing
her foolishness
even that is better
than to write about the war,
the last one when opponents respected each other.

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