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Blesok no. 46January-February, 2006
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The Truth Is Not a Taboo

The documentaries, "propaganda", tracing the path for the comeback of the true values

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Ana Vasilevska

The function of a documentary (“Shutka Book of Records” by Aleksandar Manić)

Creating a subjective picture of a reality which impartialy leads to relativity and an absurdness of life is the visual contact with the latest documentary made by director Aleksandar Manić, titled “Shutka Book of Records”. The movie gains controversial dimensions in Skopje because part of Roma people didn't find it suitable to identify with the stories of the leading actors and their neighbors staring in this exquisite documentary. Luckily enough, the dispute did not escalate, so the potential viewers could see the document. The controversy and the disagreements remained on a level of general theory of ethics in motion pictures documenting the reality, yet furnished with the absolute freedom of the author.
    In “Shutka Book of Records” we can sense and recognize the Czech art of filming planted in Manić's work from the Film Academy that he graduated at. In the manner of film play of the great Italian director Federico Fellini, the characters and their truthful act leaves the observer with an impression that they follow a script. The universal message coming from the “happy valley” is the one that relies on the individual coming from a specific ethnic group that has fantastically organized living chaos, which no one could deny. It's a chaos in which this particular individuals have found the meaning of life and by that it would be sinful to think that you can put them in any kind of civilization frame.
    In that micro society it seems that everyone has found their place without prejudice that is burdening the, so called, civilization and there are no taboos. One next to another is living hectic and fanatic Turkish music lovers, geese fights, and wardrobe collectors, travesties, homosexuals. Vulgarity is completely eliminated in front of the natural narration of the camera.
    All the characters in the picture are portraits of passionate individuals celebrating life in full erection. The disorder and rotten smell, as well as the sub standards are minor categories in their everyday living. The love of life is above the life itself!

    The author does not manipulate with the gipsy exotica as we have already seen in the aesthetics of Emir Kusturica or Stole Popov.
    The story is spiced with excellent tones of Goran Bregović, the master of similar music illustration.
    With a subtle touch, “Shutka Book of Records” evokes the question of deliberate or accidental isolation. There, on

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