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Blesok no. 46January-February, 2006
Sound Reviews

Macedonia is a Goldmine for Talents

interview: Olivier Samouillan, musician and globetrotter

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Ljupčo Jolevski

I have no final destination. I hope that I will travel the world many times. When I play, I feel something very extreme inside. It happens some people around me can actually feel that same energy. Well, that's success, says Olivier Samouillan, the viola master, instrumentalist and author who charmed our sub-cultural public with his energy

photo: Maja Janevska

Olivier Samouillan is a young man. Frenchman. Following his path of love, he – slowly but certain – conquers Macedonia. In this last years he turned himself into a greater Skopje citizen than many borne in this city. He's a husband of our female film-director Teona Mitevska. Also, he's a father of the four-years old Kaeliok. He has a classical music education and he has an enormous wish for breaking the prejudices. In music and life both. He studied at the Barclay Jazz Academy and he has played at the pavements of Paris. He usually starts his day at the Macedonian Philharmonics. You can also notice his smile at some of the local matinees at the popular café-bars in the city. He's tireless at the rehearsals with the “Project Zhlust” and “D.N.O”. Some say that the studio in Kisela Voda is his second home. At the evenings he plays concerts, or, together with the local masters of the trade, he makes his musical vows again and again. He saves the nights for his dearest and to tame the beast within himself. To work on the notes that are just about to see the light of the day. He really, in an incredible short period of time he became a real local urban legend.

photo: Maja Janevska

Toulouse  – Boston – Skopje. France – Macedonia. Does Olivier Samouillan feels comfortable in this environment in which he's known and appreciated as the most precious and the most engaged foreign musician?
    – Traveling with the music is the most wonderful thing. Every new day, every new destination is an adventure. Step by step, I create a net, a web linking the different places I work in. This aspect is of great importance for me. Before, I was connecting the American and the French artists and I was organizing the interlacing in this area of art. This net still functions between Paris and New York even without me. Now it's the same here, with the Macedonian musicians. This net functions now and it will function on further, although I can leave Macedonia anytime (it's quite

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