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Blesok no. 48May-June,2006

Original Nuance of Reality Perception

"This is It, Your", by Magdalena Horvat, published by Makedonska rec, 2006.

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Maja Apostoloska

Reading Magdalena Horvat's debut poetry collection, I was motivated to reflect on how close or how different her poetics is to the lyric ideas of the younger Macedonian generation of authors. Such a contextual, comparative approach is a solid method, I think, for revealing the distinguishing traits of an author's work.
    The somewhat scarce literary-critical research done so far on the key poetic concerns of the new generation of Macedonian poets points to some common creative tendencies among them, which are often summed up by the term postmodernism. A strongly expressed intertextuality, an assertive desacralisation and irony, a mythology of one's own that searches for alternative metaphysical solutions, an urbanised poetic universe and a lexicon that corresponds to contemporary life and science trends – those are the literary approaches which demonstrate their common sensibility and authenticity. Although some of these traits can be sensed in Horvat's poetry, a careful analysis reveals that she doesn’t fully accept this route. Following her own literary experience, she creates a unique lyrical expression.
    The most obvious difference between her and the abovementioned generation, a difference noticeable even in a superficial reading of this poetry collection, is the impressive musicality of the lines. Her peers usually disregard that aspect of poetry, concerning themselves instead with the narrative discourse. The dominant stylistic trait of Horvat's poetry is her use of phono-morphologic figures, which aren't random facts or uncontemplated sound play, but are meaningful techniques that strengthen her poetry's aesthetic quality.
    The linguistic experiments that result in the creation of interesting paronomastic syntheses and internal rhymes clearly indicate that this poet is entering the Macedonian literary scene with a deep sense of the possibilities offered by her own language. In the poem titled “The Problem”, even the phonemes or graphemes themselves, gain an equal status with the language units. Furthermore, she looks for a visual motivation in them, equating them with pictograms: The problem was in your Ш. That Ш / that never combed my hair, but just stood there / between the two of us like boards of some fence.
    The seductiveness of Magdalena Horvat's poems doesn't rely on the phono-morphologic aspect only, but on the substance as well. The themes and motifs she is concerned with, which are also in many ways different from the lyric worlds of her generational peers, are chiefly based in the real coordinates of life. Everyday experiences are reflected upon in the poems,

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