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Blesok no. 48May-June,2006
Sound Reviews

Dreams and Silent Calms

Interview: Vera Miloševska – Ljubojna

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Ljupčo Jolevski

The usual reproduction of already recorded and published music, music that one can listen whenever he wants to, is an idea not attractive enough to us. Together with the visual projections, the music becomes elevated up to the level of being a completed experience for the audience. We simply felt that our music demanded exactly that itself, says Vera Miloševska, the vocalist of Ljubojna music band.

    Vera Miloševska (vocal), Oliver Josifovski (bass, samples), Petar Hristov (clarinet), Bojan Petkov (acoustic guitar), Najdo Šakirov (electric drums) и DJ Jordan (gramophones) are the musicians that make the present team of the music band Ljubojna. The band plays a kind of a mix between electric, ethno, traditional and contemporary music, and in the last three years of their existence, they made over 50 concerts around the world: Toronto, Istanbul, Moscow, Venice, Rome, Marseille, Paris, New York… They have the album P.S.O. behind them, published in October last year. Besides the music score from the highly rewarded theater play (directed by Ljupčo Gjorgievski at the Bitola Theater) – Parite se otepuvačka, this project contains the additional music compositions that Ljubojna has produced during making this theater musical score – recorded in Plovdiv, in February 2005. At the studio sessions, Zlatko Origjanski (a member of the cult-bands Lola V. Stain and Anastasia) participated as a guest.
     The band stands in front of eventual new challenges, and the interview with Vera Miloševska offers some answers about that…

After a few months break for the band after the publishing of your debut-album, Ljubojna finally had the Skopje promotion of the edition. Why did you wait so long to do this?
    – Well, it’s known that we had the primary promotion P.S.O. in Bitola in October that year, at the Bitola Theater – as an institution where the whole project has began. In November, the album finally reached the national market. Meanwhile, some smaller projects happened for which we made the music… We had mutual project with Risima Risimkin on the ballet-performance Diary for Us. It seemed as we waited for the right moment to promote our album in Skopje. We thought a lot about this promotion, because we intended to do it as a multimedia performance with a video-projection.

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