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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 51 | volume IX | November-December, 2006



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Blesok no. 51November-December, 2006

An Answer Bouquet

p. 1
Sašo Gazdič

    At the end of the 20th century all Europeans, except those living in the south eastern part of the continent, were spared the experience of war. Why is this so? The question is usually set in another way: Why did the cold war end with the war in the Balkans? There is seemingly no difference between the questions, but if there really weren't, the common explanations would not all be derived from the second question.
    The first of these explanations is covered in the rust that started eating at armoured vehicles and artillery when the cold war began to thaw. According to this theory, the war is supposed to be a last spasm of the dying communist dinosaur (pictured by a giant industrial robot, the later word derived from the Russian “robotnik”, worker) that flicked its tail one last time. The theory, although attractive, does not hold water. It doesn't explain why of all places the war happened in Yugoslavia, who strayed from the struggles of the communist bloc with the founding of the movement of unaligned nations. This is why the explainers explained the explanation away by a new one: the theory of rekindled nationalisms that the industrial dinosaur/robot had kept at bay while still alive. Yet this theory was apparently not going in the right direction either, as it led the debate about democratization straight onto the question of the violent origins of the modern European states. The theory was still a problem, as many of the states that formed on former Soviet territory at approximately the same time had avoided slipping into a state of war. And the explainers went further: they had to dive into history, all the way to the beginnings of the three Judaic religions – Catholicism, the Orthodox church and Islam – that took to wing on Yugoslav ground, but this explanation was only an echo of what the warring parties used in order to justify violence.
    The mainstream explanations were complemented by marginal ones: from theories putting the war in Yugoslavia down as rites of wild tribes, to those seeing the first and last cause of it all in a diabolical plan concocted in CIA headquarters, ensuring the USA's final and irrevocable claim to the throne of the new world order. Even though some of these explanations may carry some weight, the mainstream current forged its own way ahead and finally stopped when the

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