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Blesok no. 53March-April, 2007

Write a Poem like Pouring Tea

p. 2
Usha Akkela

Piano Keys
How to write a poem
Quite simply
Tea for two
Reading a flower


How to write a poem

It doesn't matter even if you
are standing on your head,

Sit perfectly still within till
you become the

shiver in the breeze
the orange in the sun
till the world and you are one.

Uncover the wrappings over your soul
till you hear the voice,

Let it gurgle, drool, babble, speak,
drift up easy dissolving gravity.

Open your mouth,
Let it out as a stream,

gasping as it takes its first conscious breath,
Emboldened by its own life-surge
it will come to life.

Let go off the string, let it drift
and move on like a kite,

It will come back to you
after a while
with a new meaning.

Shatter the poem till the words
are unleashed into the void
and gathered by the hand of God.

Make and remake yourself many times,
the poem is you.

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